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Insurance doesn't come without it's problems

Health Insurance can be overwhelming

The options are endless but how do you know what will work best for you without having to drain your budget?

You don't meet your deductibles

You're being penalized for being healthy. Not meeting your deductibles so you have to pay everything out-of-pocket.

You pay more than what you should

You are placed in a Larger Risk Pool due to others' health conditions. The amount you pay is not fair for what you get.

But more importantly...

It puts you under financial strain

High insurance costs, deductibles, copayments, and out-of-pocket expenses can create financial burdens for you and your family.

You get stuck in your career

The burden of high insurance costs and limited coverage options can influence your career choices, leaving you feeling stuck in your job.

You can't see your preferred Doctors

People may have to travel long distances to find in-network providers or be unable to see their preferred doctors due to network restrictions.

You avoid preventative care

High out-of-pocket costs may deter people from seeking preventive care services, such as regular check-ups and screenings, which can lead to undiagnosed health issues and more expensive treatments later on.

You skip or delay seeking medical treatment

You delay seeking medical treatment for health issues, and this worsens your conditions and healthcare costs in the long run.

You have poor Coverage for YOUR Health Needs

Individuals may discover that their insurance plans do not cover specific treatments, prescription drugs, or medical services they require, leaving them to bear the full cost or find alternative, potentially less effective solutions.

Together we will find the best possible solution for YOUR unique situation

I'm a completely independent advisor, which gives me access to a lot more health insurance plans and opens up a new world of possibilities for you.

  • Reduce your cost of employer coverage

  • Better COBRA & ACA options rates

  • Find Tax Deductible Options

  • Better benefits at Better Prices

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Let me introduce myself before we start working together...

Just like you, I've faced the challenges of finding the right health insurance. After college, I thought my psychology degree would lead to a fulfilling career, but the reality was different. The job market was tough, and I felt the weight of financial strain due to high insurance costs, deductibles, and copayments.Fueled by the determination to find a better path, I decided to explore sales. It was a leap of faith, and I had my doubts, but I knew I needed to take charge of my life.Through the years I've suffered many setbacks and soul-crushing life events such as my father's passing. But I used these setbacks as fuel to become a leading sales agent & now running a Top 10 Sales team in the country by focusing on helping people in similar situations as you.
Many others faced similar challenges, from limited access to healthcare and delayed medical treatment to the stress of navigating the complexities of insurance plans. That's when I knew I had to do something more.
I understand the anxiety and complexities of the healthcare system, and I want to simplify it for you. Together, we'll find the best coverage to fit your needs, ensuring you have access to the medical services and treatments you require.I will address your concerns, so you can focus on what truly matters – your health and your future. I'm here to guide you every step of the way, providing the support and advocacy you deserve.

- Ennku Tafara

It's FREE to work with me

100% free. No hidden fees. You just pay for your coverage. The health care providers pay me.

No Enrollment Period

This flexibility allows you to obtain health insurance coverage whenever you need it, without having to wait for a specific enrollment period.

Secure your rate for up to 2 years

Ensure that the rate you pay remain unchanged during a certain time, regardless of any price increases or fluctuations that may occur.

Tax Deductible Options

These options allow individuals or businesses to claim deductions on their tax returns, which can help lower their overall tax liability.

Nationwide Coverage

We are licensed in 31 Sates with access to all full health options.

Independent Advice

Being independent allows me to provide impartial advice and offer a wider range of options and products from different providers, ensuring that my recommendations are aligned with the your best interests.

My Promise To You

  • Under NO circumstances will your information be sold.

  • You can be sure that I will offer the best solutions I possibly can.

  • I will work with you through the whole process to make sure you understand the benefits & consequences of every decision you take.

  • There will be NO spam calling. I will only be in contact with you to discuss your quote.

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